Preciousness: Monica’s Son Romelo Has Some Big Brother Time With New Little Sister Laiyah



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NBKOTB: Beyonce’s “Partition” Producer KeY Wane Is Focused, Patient, And Prepared For The Road Ahead


BOSSIP chatted with the man responsible for your favorite song and he plans on making a LOT more.

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Finding My Success As A Single Mother

Evander Luh The Gays: Holyfield’s Son Says His Dad Likes Gay Folks And Is No Heavyweight Homophobe!


Evander Holyfield doesn’t want to fight the LGBT community…

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Brotherly Love: Teen Shoots The Hell Out Of His 10-Year-Old Sister With Assault Rifle BB Gun After Catching Her Twerking! [Video]

Rumor Control: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Did Not Have His Uncle Devoured Alive By Pack Of 120 Starving Dogs


North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un did not cruelly have his uncle fed to a pack of starving dogs after all!

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Thirst Bowl: Colin Kaepernick Will Play Cam Newton This Weekend…Ladies Who Ya Got?


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CJ’s Interlude

I could sit and lucid dream for hours.
Dead flowers and old love notes,
Lurk within my memory.
Rotting away my thought process
Which revolves around you.
And writer’s block has blocked me from what I’ve always wanted to say.
Social media presences decreasing,
Just like the communication between you and I.
It’s late at night,
And you hit my phone still.
And time stands still when I hear your voice.
What good is being the CJ to your Mordecai,
When I’m always behind Margaret.
Even when she’s miles away,
I still have to stand behind the wall,
Miles away from your heart.
I could drive for miles
In my mothers car
Without my license,
Dodging red lights and stop signs.
And you’d still cross my mind.
I could meditate every night,
And I still wouldn’t find a mediator for you affection,
Nor mine.
Not in the mood to hear
“I told you so.”
As far as this goes, we’ll never know.
And here I am,
Putting time in to
Wasting time with you.
I wish I would’ve knew about the New Years kiss,
I would’ve made sure I missed it.
At the end of the day,
The end isn’t over until we say it is.
We could transpire;
Aspire to be different people and meet different people and treat people differently than we treated each other.
All I ask is that you meet me half way,
Right at our spot.
Even if we walk away
I think that it’d be worth the shot.

Anime/Media Expert Yasuki Hamano Passes Away

Lesley's Anime and Manga Corner

Yasuki Hamano, an anime and media expert who was also a professor at Tokyo University of Technology and a University of Tokyo emeritus professor, passed away on January 3, 2014 due to a stroke. He was 62 years old at the time of his passing.

Hamano served on the managing committee for the Japan Media Arts Festival run by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs. In addition, he was a member of the International Manga Awards’ executive committee. He also wrote two books: Media Era: The Creators of American Legends and Imitated Japan: From Films and Anime to Cooking and Fashion.

Hamano also received a “Special Thanks” credit in Makoto Shinkai’s The Place Promised in Our Early Days anime film.

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The Things I’ve Learned from Anime- Man I’m a Dork!

OSSLass Ramblings- Do you giggle when you say Regina?


Over the last couple of years I have become more and more obsessed with Anime. No particular genre, just a couple of random episodes here and there so that when it grips me I am completely consumed with the story until there are no more episodes, spin-offs or relating Manga that I can indulge my obsession with.

After this last binge, I started thinking about why it was something that I was so easily lost in. Why I spent every waking moment thinking about the characters, the stories and why I was trying to learn something from their situations that I could apply in my own life.

So here are my ramblings and musings on the lessons I have learned from Anime. I am going to put a disclaimer here- these are just some of the million thoughts I had about some of the million Anime I have watched…mmmmkay…so to…

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