The Things I’ve Learned from Anime- Man I’m a Dork!

OSSLass Ramblings- Do you giggle when you say Regina?


Over the last couple of years I have become more and more obsessed with Anime. No particular genre, just a couple of random episodes here and there so that when it grips me I am completely consumed with the story until there are no more episodes, spin-offs or relating Manga that I can indulge my obsession with.

After this last binge, I started thinking about why it was something that I was so easily lost in. Why I spent every waking moment thinking about the characters, the stories and why I was trying to learn something from their situations that I could apply in my own life.

So here are my ramblings and musings on the lessons I have learned from Anime. I am going to put a disclaimer here- these are just some of the million thoughts I had about some of the million Anime I have watched…mmmmkay…so to…

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