CJ’s Interlude

I could sit and lucid dream for hours.
Dead flowers and old love notes,
Lurk within my memory.
Rotting away my thought process
Which revolves around you.
And writer’s block has blocked me from what I’ve always wanted to say.
Social media presences decreasing,
Just like the communication between you and I.
It’s late at night,
And you hit my phone still.
And time stands still when I hear your voice.
What good is being the CJ to your Mordecai,
When I’m always behind Margaret.
Even when she’s miles away,
I still have to stand behind the wall,
Miles away from your heart.
I could drive for miles
In my mothers car
Without my license,
Dodging red lights and stop signs.
And you’d still cross my mind.
I could meditate every night,
And I still wouldn’t find a mediator for you affection,
Nor mine.
Not in the mood to hear
“I told you so.”
As far as this goes, we’ll never know.
And here I am,
Putting time in to
Wasting time with you.
I wish I would’ve knew about the New Years kiss,
I would’ve made sure I missed it.
At the end of the day,
The end isn’t over until we say it is.
We could transpire;
Aspire to be different people and meet different people and treat people differently than we treated each other.
All I ask is that you meet me half way,
Right at our spot.
Even if we walk away
I think that it’d be worth the shot.


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