What I learned at SacAnime: It’s OK to stare, and everyone wants their picture taken



Awed. Overwhelmed. Confused. Delighted. That pretty accurately describes the range of emotions (in order, might I add) that I felt upon crashing the 10th annual SacAnime show, “where Anime fans go to play”. That’s an understatement.

Let’s set the stage: I have almost no knowledge of Anime, Manga, video games, comic books, or any category or sub-category of those things. I’ve never even been able to sit through an entire Star Wars movie (sacrilege, I know). The closest references I know are limited to Sega and Nintendo games from the 90’s. Oh, and Sailor Moon. Everything looked like Sailor Moon to me. I wrongly guessed (twice) and was scoffed at (once. The other time was pity) for asking whether attendees were dressed as Sailor Moon characters. Bottom line: I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But I was determined to learn something about this cultural behemoth; maybe not understand…

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