The sea churns endlessly through God’s chakra.
And we feel the sun move to moon,
Just as we believe the moon moves the sea.
Time is the strangest of strangers,
But yet we know him so well.
He follows us from time defined to time indefinite.
From birth to death,
And as he moves along,
He ensures the world forgets our presence.
But I can’t help but sense that there is a world outside
The universe.
A world where we may run wild,
Without desire.
Remorselessly transpiring
Throughout a new existence.
Until then,
Everyone is a samurai of their own kind.
Their own tribes divide along the moon and sea,
The earth meets the sun in reverse,
And we escalate from time indefinite
To time defined.
For time is time only when you count,
Keep track,
And analyze.
To be free is to be unaware of time,
And to move freely,
Just as water,
Without any sense of tension.
Our haves and have nots obliterated,
And the world filled with ecstasy.
Sadly, we cannot see these things.
They are but objects in the mirror,
Whereas we only see ourselves.
Our perception of death lacks the hope of resurrection,
And true peace of mind will only meet the soul once the mirror is shattered.
As we endlessly transpire,
Discard all desire,
Descending entirely
Into the world after.


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